Jules + Avi Cozy In-Home Session | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Almost exactly a year ago, I met these two for the first time for a snowy shoot in Boston. Jules (who is also a wedding photographer) and I became fast friends + then I moved a few doors down the street from these two not long after! Before leaving Boston, I HAD to photograph them in their cozy Beacon Hill apartment. I love the care they’ve taken to decorate their little abode to match their unique styles. It’s a perfect mix of eclectic + chic, and feels like home the second you step through the door. We laughed all morning as they danced to their favorite records, snuggled a ton, and shared all of their favorite little spots of the apartment with me. By the end of the morning, we were being complete weirdos (scroll to the end - you’ll see what I mean) but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Clients who become friends = what I live for.

I’ve said it before + I’ll say it again — in-home sessions are the BEST. Being in an environment that you’re already familiar + comfy in takes away so much of the stress/anxiety that you might feel when having your photos taken! Plus I’m able to incorporate things that you love into your photos — like drinking your morning coffee together or playing each other a song on your guitar. It makes your session unique + authentic! Plus who even wants to leave their house in the winter?! Let’s get cozy + capture your love in your favorite place.

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