Luke + Lavenda Oregon Coast Lifestyle Session | PNW Wedding Photographer

  1. Shaina says:

    Wow! For your first time in the PNW you totally captured the spirit and mood beautifully! These are gorgeous and I love the warm tones. What a fun couple!!

  2. rachel says:

    dang Anna!! these are so beautiful in every way <3

  3. Sonya says:

    Omg authentic happiness at it’s best!! Love these photos. Oregon is stunning!

  4. Ahhh what a gorgeous session!! They look so freaking and happy and like they’re such a fun couple! You captured them beautifully!

  5. Bailey says:

    These two are so CUTE!! I’m sure they love every single one! Love the toning on these too- excellent work all around!!

  6. Lavenda says:

    Thank you SO much for catputuring such a sweet and special season in our lives. Thanks again for everything! We love you!

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