Wedding Guides for Canva

When I decided to incorporate Client Guides into my business, I searched for the perfect template but couldn't find any affordable, easy to use options out there. InDesign and Photoshop gave me headaches, so I found a different way. Enter: Canva, and easy to use and best of all *FREE* platform that is truly as easy as dragging and dropping. 

After over 70 weddings photographed, I've poured ALL the information and advice I've learned along the way to develop a client guide that helps my couples plan their best day ever. And YOU can get your hands on the exact, word-for-word guide I send my own couples after they book me! 

Already have copy down for your wedding guide, but looking to refresh the design of your current guide? I also sell wedding guides without copy included, so you can just switch up the design!

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These templates are for you if...

you're ready to uplevel your
client experience

Having a dedicated client guide to walk your couple through planning their wedding day is invaluable for their experience of working with you. They'll feel taken care of, and assured that they've hired a true expert.

you don't have the time or energy to design & write your own

It's taken me months to write copy & design these guides — so you don't have to start from scratch! I created these to help other creatives improve their client experience and save valuable time in the process.

you want to save time answering the same questions over and over

Let's face it, as photographers we wear a million hats. It's hard enough to balance all the things, let alone learn ANOTHER Adobe program! Using Canva will cut the time it takes to create your guide in half. So instead of taking days to create, it will take a couple hours.

you hate battling with photoshop or indesign & want a better way

Do you spend hours on emails and phone calls answering questions about timelines, lighting, shot lists and a never ending list of wedding details? Sending a client guide cuts down on all of that, so you can do more of what you love.


Over 50 pages of customizable content including the following topics:

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TIMING for photos
Getting ready
detail photos (+ checklist)
wedding party
family formals (+ checklist)
newlywed PORTRAITS
ceremony lighting & location
tips & advice
vendor recommendations
details on prints

"Anna designed these with everyone in mind. Are you just getting started on your business and have no idea what you'd even fill a wedding guide with? Anna has you covered with a template FULL of content. Just pop in your images and it's client ready. Are you a seasoned pro full of tips and tricks, but the whole design part just isn't for you? She's got an option free of content ready for the wealth of knowledge you'll add to it."


"Anna’s wedding guide is worth every penny. As someone who does freelance graphic design, I am so impressed by the attention to detail and simple, yet beautiful composition of the pages. I’ve had making a wedding guide on my to-do list for years, and Anna just made my life so much easier. I cannot wait to start sending this to my clients and improve my client experience!!!"


rachel leiner photo

"I've been thinking about making a wedding guide for YEARS, but the task always felt way too daunting. Photoshop and Indesign give me a headache, but Canva is the easiest platform ever and Anna's guides made it possible for me to have a wedding guide ready to send to my clients in just a day rather than it taking months like it would have without the guide!" 

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Mendocino Wedding Guide WITH copy

modern, minimalist, editorial


Mendocino Wedding Guide DESIGN ONLY

modern, minimalist, editorial

Sonoma Wedding Guide WITH copy

BOHO, warm, playful

Sonoma Wedding Guide DESIGN ONLY

BOHO, warm, playful

Yosemite Wedding Guide WITH copy

adventurous, earthy, free-spirited

Yosemite Wedding Guide DESIGN ONLY

adventurous, earthy, free-spirited

includes ALL copy

design only, copy not included

photos by @madisonkatlinphotography

photos by @shannonyenphotography

Brooklyn Wedding Guide WITH copy


Brooklyn Wedding Guide DESIGN ONLY





okay, I get that these are going to improve my business. but why the $$?

I know that investing in your business is scary, and expensive. But I have truly poured months of work into these — and my words come from years of experience shooting weddings. You will truly be able to use these to serve your clients SO well, and I firmly believe that! I've included an option with just the design, no copy at a more affordable price point so that there's a guide for everyone's budget and experience level!

do the guides include copy to use?

In order to provide an option for everyone's budget, there are two versions of the Wedding Guides — one with copy, and one without. The one with copy is a much higher price point because it's truly ready to go with all copy 100% included! All you have to do is plug in your own photos, and you're good to go.

how do you send the guides to your clients?

I personally send all of my client guides by exporting them as a PDF and sending via email or Google Drive. You can definitely print your guides out and send a physical copy, but these guides are designed for digital use.

do i have to pay for canva?

Canva is completely free to use in order to edit these guides! All you need to do is sign up for an account. There is a paid option for Canva with additional features, but for the purposes of these guides — you don't need to upgrade to the paid version. 

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Looking for Pricing Guides?

Stand out and make a good first impression when you receive an inquiry from a potential client! Instead of sending back a boring email with some numbers, send your inquiries a beautiful, well-designed Pricing Guide that shows off your client experience and guides them through the process of working with you. This customizable 15 page pricing guide made for creative entrepreneurs in mind.

Each template is completely customizable to your brand & business using Canva, a free online platform. No more spending hours struggling with Photoshop and Indesign - Canva is a drag-and-drop platform, so you can finish customizing your guide in MINUTES vs hours. You can easily change the colors, fonts, text, and images so that your guide feels like YOU!