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Have you ever shown up to a session and cringed a little bit at the neon green shirt your client showed up in? When I started photographing couples, I would just email them when & where to meet — and that was pretty much all I did to prepare them for our session together. Sometimes it worked out fine, but more often than not, my clients showed up not knowing what to expect and I left feeling like I could have done way more to prepare them ahead of time. 
Enter: the Session Guide. What started off as a couple of pages with outfit advice turned into a 20+ guide filled with information on not only what to wear, but also how to choose the right location, mindset, and what to expect before/after the session. Sending out this guide before engagement sessions has been a game changer for my client experience. I no longer have to worry that my clients will show up totally unprepared, because all their questions have been answered before they’ve had a chance to ask.

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Wedding photographers needing a customizable guide to send to their clients, preparing them for the experience of working together.

This template comes with over 20 pages of content to customize, including copy on the following: locations, mindset, what to wear, color palette examples, movement, in-home sessions, accessories/props, where to shop, & what to expect after the session.

All you need is a free Canva account & a computer. A video walkthrough with step-by-step instructions for use is included!

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“These style guides are everything I’ve been looking for & more! I’m so much more confident going into shoots knowing that clients are fully prepared and educated on what to expect. It’s such a game changer and I’ve already seen a difference in the vibe of my sessions! They save me so much time, I just wish I had these sooner. Beyond obsessed!”